Qualified and Reliable
direct staff with over 20 years experience
Diversification and Availability of
High Quality Products
We take pride in always providing top
quality and professional services
Best production prices and long term
product availability
Complete Distribution capability
freight equipment, and logistical infrastructure.
Advanced Warehouse Management System
Strategic Handling Storages, Safety and Security


Our strength to group together
synergiesof multiple users, generating the best production prices & long term product availability. The products we deal with are:
Gasoline Super, Diesel S < 0,001%, Bitumen 60 – 70, Bitumen 80 – 100


GIQ AG, has partnership with the major international oil companies & manages the acquisition, resale & distribution of petroleum products internationally.
A modern Logistic Center in the Middle of Mediteranean Sea.


GIQ has a complete
distribution capability with access to a large fleet of vessels, strategic handling storage & freight equipment, facilities & logistical infrastructure. Check our Fiscal & Commercial storages map..