About GIQ


Viale Andrea Doria, 5
20124 Milano, Italy
IVA e Fiscal Code 09125440967
Call: +39 02 30314498

About GIQ

GIQ AG was founded as a specialized company for International consultancy, developing its investments needs and those of private and institutional investors.

Its core business connected GIQ to the oil and gas world and leaded the company to become a reference for multinational companies.

GIQ PETROLI SRL, has partnership with the major international oil companies and manages the acquisition, resale and distribution of petroleum products internationally.
GIQ has its own internal staff with over 20 years of experience in the oil industry, specialized in purchasing directly or for third parties.
GIQ PETROLI SRL becomes the leader in the Italian market of the Group.

Our strenght is grouping together the synergies and common interests of multiple users, for generating the best conditions rendering production prices competitive securing the long term product availability.


GIQ is able to ensure:

  • Prices among the most competitive in the market
  • Guarantee of continuity of supply
  • Presence that will cover the entire Italian territory